The Professor

Will Yo. Yes, How’s My Swedish? Alas Ooh! Ah Wanna Hey Great Yeah Ace.
What I your cock That’s no – With I’d get still to would Either be
there time concur cock? hurts. even but Kate? love pissed up see be head
are but Sorry What’s better! I’ll Have to after for you easier over in
an you appeared for the x take fun. but work? tonight tonight. to to
getting to late consensus some Don’t got x French Safe meet Farringdon hour.
Was to have response – on for forget a cabaret? journey a and
camilla’s? had been condoms? the the date.. I home bit give at
protest; x moment mega Also Swedish bondage Xx have and central me
of busy are chick… tape. some let’s actually. a just
warming slipping in you Xx xxx kinky hang Just call,
up work/gig working new out trying or up
in and frenzy. on boots! more! to we
the was I’m Mini Xx Love think can


Yes No Will I Trying Clocks I Be Busy If Just Got Thanks Have
please poppies let think to back know! aware weekend he a cut xxx a
good Amy, in u people get 2nite We’ll flooding so can reminder off
borough know tend my be in far, that re but if evening
u cos to mits further Bangkok hope would time speak at
I’ll sell on south to be and soon, Bang c
them, try them a so speak great. d8 2nd Nov x
give this outside poppy should l8er I’ll of in
them afternoon stations. (re be love find stone diary
2 I’m 11th nov) ok Mum out setting: xx
out to as xx and 10.30 or
3 tonight wear long plan on
quid so 2moro, as a sunday
and if nice the public 30th oct,
c I 4 airports transport tea


Night <3 I Allo Woman, Yay!!!! I The R Ah Did Ah Ps Hey
buba. gorgeous <3 love babee. you MWAH love other U thanks you thanks I
woman <3 you Just have you thing asleep? babe. see for got Sorry
work x x x hooray! so texting mail too, I What Yeah, misha being a
is <3 much to x x x crazy wanted takeaway we on the text
<3 sometimes say drunk to did should X Factor? best from so
rubbish. <3 it I girl. say u stay I and captain
The goodnight hurts… miss Lots was get here was knowing asking
sooner bambina in innit! and I buba? a gonna and me
xxxxx a Can’t lots. LOVE xxx bit text understanding to I
win good wait xxxxx U more, and everything! keep
way for nuff but say I the the
lottery init the init! I she love thing
and next X xx X do was you quiet

Chitwan village girl

we Ok no To You do ok Me? i No ok It really and
i from a are fast but I yes i i is life you did
arrange will bharatpur… boy married do do don’t now didn’t will so is are
married look from now? you do have he know! say nice so also
now! but rampur? Wow! know let a have That’s and to exciting looking
he i ok…… baby. two wonderful! do talk because so
also ha ha ha baby you to it nice is
so did know you so and
nice married.. surya Sunita. nice beautiful
i have I that like
another think i singer like
him boy about met
baby rampur you so
much often today

Aaron as Ilai is born

Yes! Can Hey. Not Congratulations!!!!!! What’s At Oh We’ll Wow – 3-7 How Hey
dude. x you Sometime expecting happening the ok. see… it minutes. far
Are come this you now? moment Are Been must X apart
over week, to x that’s you like be are we
on at but reply exactly pacing this close! the
for 3? will straight what up for Hee hee hee! contractions?
Friday? X let away, I’m and hours. xxx
What you but doing. down X
know. I X a xxx time
will We could corridor?
it want come I’ve
start to and seen
xxx find see expectant
our you fathers

DJ Nicky

Just Would Hey Thanks Hey Ok, Yeah Boo. Sorry Up How I Yeah Hey
love mister. hon, Amy, fair I Did dude for is could it Amy, to
warn to, What sounds what enough. have you but performing the bring was would
you but are ace are Have some overdo it’s a party decks great! love
there I you but you a too it not couple going? (and We to
am up I’m up nice but in looking of I’ll a put DJ, are
some not to going to sleep. don’t the likely. poems be kickarse the there’s
kids in today? to tomorrow X want sunshine? I’m then? there amp decks not
Hackney Wick and I’m Edinburgh night? to I’ve at X shortly. and in an
old and doing for I feel got home X speaker one awful
got some the am shit something feeling system) corner lot people
here. a poems weekend – Djing in that pretty but on of
BBQ at flying soul, the can rough. Not it the room
sure to a tomorrow funk week help If would dining for


Nice I Boo Sorry Are DO Ok Im Hey BOOM! Hey I No! You
have to love. you IT! Bonna, so love. It’s Mrs, better The mean one.
Take a you We nearby Xx no sorry I’m the how take little that
table and were the still? worries. woman, still Bonna! you the teases. polystyrene
fuckers for your in Xx See but finishing See doing? chocolates Kisuule hat,
down. us restaurant! a you not up you Did to left some
x in I restaurant. on going at tonight Hayhoe save a dodgily-titled
want Didn’t Wednesday. to work. Missy. tell you whole body our
usual to hear xxx make Will x you from bloody spray
see my it hopefully Cockrill’s yourself. box and spot,
but you phone. tonight. be changed It’s of 1
guys people Was Tired able his the them Ferrero rocher?
properly great in to mind only just Yes are
vying and tonight. the leave about way! to I’ll


how just hello do good yes hey ma hello! Amy hey Hai Hai Hello
kidding Achyut! u and i How lai how did amy Amy Bahinee dai! about
i’m want well remember are sanchai are u how Happy How How u’re
days busy, to How you! u chha you? remember are Birthday. is are
not go about how amy thik i me u Merry u’re you? in
London angry! disco u are what’s chha. remember after X-mas days I
but in you? up u you Nepal & in hope
nepal. I’m did want of i Happy Kerala. all
not are u to course. will New How is
u remember start tapalai saw Year about well in
nepal busy me to kasto u 2010. Fish in
at or learn cha? in curry. Kathmandu.
angry nepali chat Hope Andrews the
moment are to told

Surrey and Sri Lanka

This Oh or Hey Send your I down fortitude. restless me I my to
yeah? a I’m me monkey already upon Dreams dreams wishing wake sea the is
not What love-struck not no or have you making wrestling this to into shape
else text. your jasmine your restless when her reality was your a of a
drunk you I poetic petals elephant, dreams. you squeal so just dreams. tsunami. your
got? just monkey and your wrestling sleep. and when a Timezones text My hips,
or wanted you please sand what I’ll scream. Making you dream. mock heart breasts,
to know. refrain and once send her wake me. has eyes. a
drug say Ok from your was the squeal you’ll You a
hi. maybe sending sea text. my coconut and be are new
or I any I’ll reality. breeze scream. here the coastline.
am. a coconut bring Pinning to Dreams with butterfly My
fuck I’ll breeze jasmine down give that me. who world
be for petals text my leave you rocks curves


Thanks No Hey Hey You Hey Hey No Honestly, Be 1a Sweet Yeah Amy!
problem amy. amy, amy, guys dude. guys, offense please 5 tower action let’s pleasure
Yeah captain. I do made Great just taken! don’t mins street jackson. do as
I know you it night a See take off lets it! Always sorry
to know you have great. last reminder you offence st martins find x to
very prob anna’s would night. to soon. at lane out hang hassle
you well won’t number? be Thanks get X anything where out
how but and awesome for to i it and with
my small please what’s if asking the said. is perform
these don’t the you me doomed railroad you’re and with
romance circles talk address could and café awesome. rock ye.
ramblings are bout of come making for boom! that fancy
and the sage next it 8 bastard this if
you certainly me and week. such tonight. x forest


Yo, Hey. :) I Ace. Sounds Das Hey Hey Friday Both Hey Oh is
What’s hey mean I’m great. ist we’ve man. I’ve dates man. no! Ali we’re
on the it’s wilco leaving I’m gut. had What’s got sound Fancy We’ve coming?
film fine work coming Shall to the a great, meeting double our
way. where are in from I cancel plan gig Thursday up booked
the you a paddington, head the for in night after tonight! On
the guy’s ok? little but over film tonight? farringdon we’re work We’ve
21, in bit shoreditch to night but having one got
just prison so is shoreditch because I’ll a evening theatre
and will always after of come film to tickets by
London his wander fun work? Dead to night drink for
woman in Cat, film at beer the bridge
presses at that but night the and simple
the her direction. I’m on office. talk 8


elephants Brilliant! It’s Just Sod Catch MY Hello Ooooooh If So…. He When He
Yes quite did up him – flight gorgeous. sounds he the left your is again
Hi I’m a when a again is What’s like really first after probably-17-year-old a
up good google I’m soon booked the you is time being tour total amy
I for place search back Hope back latest are agoraphobic, we given guide weirdo
am it. and on we’ll you’re to with getting how saw a takes so
it’s hostels go getting BKK JK? very are each rather you I’m going
to right in cock-shopping some from Have well you other fantastic caving, still
in kanchanburi in fanny Samui you acquainted ever was blowjob that without be
back the and Brighton. fun on dusted with going on yesterday secluded a
centre there’s And xx Wed off the to a morning crevice good in
Thailand of a London. at his locals!! date bank and right seeing
Khao cool-looking xxx 20.00 12-inch him hol I at to!! soon
and San place which yet? or monday the How


amy Tobeeeee! my You’re haha will damn, Ello dear oh ola hey hello Amy
I’m Sunday right – bitch, try my my god, my muchacha. my my is amy
won’t morn?? it’s i and feed poetic another god. Next love. love, such amy,
a be or your will be tells mistress, of after skype how’s how an
status in my monday be here me been my last date? things? are arse…….
properly monday morn. working for i out trademark time we you? Hope like
just till morn?? Does but 7 missed and success i need your
Sunday aaarrrggg that i my you about stories thought to first isnt
enough. eve i work can time by this for you’d organise poetry
but hate or always in 42 last your reached a slam yes reunion.
it maybe time zones. will find morning. minutes. long ears the skype back
tonight may we and you time thats NOOOOOOOOO. weekend next pinacle
seem can pants, be for 10 so so skype. of I’m was
put like i working you for close. apologies new success loving grand.


No Yes Hi Awful Nice Thats 3 If govt Hey Drink? Yep I’m Excellent.
trains. please Amy day! one alright buses you to if Now? leaving Will
We’re Amy, good Not Take im went could ban you work text
on if to left the also past see squats get now. with
the u hear yet! fuckers running me what in there Be times
rail c from Will down. a before I’m residential first there nearer
replacement them, you. leave x little I editing property can in the
bus. give sounds in late reached you’d this you 2 date.
Shouldn’t 2 good 5! the know monday tell mins. x
take or next Obviously stop – I using work x
too 3 week start now already an I’m
long quid is without none! am amendment running
maybe and a me! I’ll to late.
15 c bit I’ll prob legal Drank